Thumbscrew & Susan Alcorn: Dec. 15 & 16

First Date
December 15th, 8pm

Second Date
December 16th, 8pm

*This makes free tickets available to young musicians that can’t afford it


“Thumbscrew is a very exciting group that highlights intricate and emotionally-driven compositions focused on intense interactions between instruments. One of the most exciting bands currently playing” — Cisco Bradley,

The trio Thumbscrew came about by accident, after bassist Michael Formanek subbed in a band including guitarist Mary Halvorson and drummer Tomas Fujiwara. Something special happened among them right away, so they formed a trio, a co-operative in the truest sense. They play originals by all hands, compositions whose rhythms may surge or lag or veer sideways according to their own internal logic. Bass and drums solo within the ensemble, not in quarantine. No one needs to be loudest. The blend is tight: one string (or metal) sound may bleed into another. It’s something to hear—something twisty and turny and always on the move.

Thumbscrew with
Mary Halvorson – Guitar
Michael Formanek – Double Bass
Tomas Fujiwara – Drums

Susan Alcorn (pedalsteel) will start the evening with a solo set and then join Thumbscrew for a tune or two.