MARCH: Conduction with J.A. Deane and Density512


J.A.Deane “Conduction” in the tradition of Butch Morris

Conduction®: The practice of conveying and interpreting a lexicon of directives to construct or modify sonic arrangement or composition; a structure-content exchange between composer/conductor and instrumentalists that provides the immediate possibility of initiating or altering harmony, melody, rhythm, tempo, progression, articulation, phrasing or form through the manipulation of pitch, dynamics (volume/intensity/density), timbre, duration, silence, and organization in real-time.

Monday, March 5th > Public Workshop 8:00
Tuesday, March 6th > Concert of Improvised Works 9:00 @ the Carousel Lounge
Thursday, March 8th > Concert 8:00 @ The Museum of Human Achievement



Mike St Clair (synth)
Janie Cowen (Bass)
Pablo Kennedy (Bass)
Bob Hoffnar (Pedalsteel)
Fran├žois Minaux (Flute)
Kenzie Slottow (Flute)
Jacob Schnitzer (French Horn)
Ben Carroll (French Horn)
Nick Clark (Bassoon/Contrabassoon)
Nick McNamara (Saxophone)
Elyse Vest (Saxophone)



Guitar Moderne interview

more info on conduction

BUTCH MORRIS DEDICATION ORCHESTRA conduction by J A DEANE @Konfrontationen 2013